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Jana Trajtelová (ed.)
The Yearbook on History and Interpretation of Phenomenology 2017

Vydavateľ: Peter Lang
Rok vydania: 2017
Jazyk: anglický
Počet strán: 0

We are pleased to introduce the fifth volume of the Yearbook on History and Interpretation of Phenomenology, devoted to “The Idea of the University and the Phenomenology of Education.” The following studies propose various philosophical angles and phenomenological paths to analyse and to stress the serious problem arising in our midst, and not only on academic ground, but more broadly within the contemporary approach to education.

All the different approaches of the authors to the issue are presented in the form of free-standing investigative openings, drawing from classical phenomenological sources, relying upon traditional wisdom and implement-ing new, even experimental approaches and interconnections. However, they all converge on related and timeless intellectual conclusions, ever anew res-urrecting the idea of humanistic culture: there is no real education without the cultivation of the essential humanity in man as its central point, without a devoted commitment to shape integrated, self-aware, independent and crit-ical thinking, morally mature, responsible and compassionate human indi-viduals. Learning and education need to be much more than the mere trans-mission of information and practical skills or, more philosophically, it should not be concerned only with the what of being but first of all with how to be in order to achieve the harmonious integration of the simple happiness of a person and the goodness of a wider community and of the whole world.

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